What A Journey This Little Guy Sent Me On

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Linda Smith Author

How I Became a Successful Fundraiser

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to meet many caring people in the nonprofit sector who want to enhance their fundraising skills. Successful fundraising […]

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4 Great Resources You Should Know If Your Family Member Has A Disability

If you are a parent of a child with a disability, you know that getting that diagnosis can be devastating. You ask yourself what does it […]

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The Key to Fundraising Is Loving your Donor

For many people, asking for money is challenging, even when it’s their job. This is especially true during the holiday season when it appears everyone in the […]

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My Friend the President

Many Las Vegans may remember the day that a 40-car cavalcade made its way from the Las Vegas FBO and Air Force One to a dilapidated […]

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Bloggy Things

Less than two years ago, I didn’t know what a blog was. My son Jason told me if I were to become an author, I needed […]

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Lessons from Christopher.

              I peer intently into his incredible blue eyes, my lips gently brush his cheek, hope everlasting that his fluttering […]

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Disability | Linda Smith - Lindaslife.com


  I have been thinking a lot about this word of late. Having recently returned from joyous occasions across the country, communing with disability organizations that […]

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Injustice | Bill Walters - Linda Smith | LindasLife.com


IN-JUS-TICE noun lack of fairness   My friend Bill Walters is in prison and I am sad. Bill Walters is presently in a bad place, but […]

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