Linda Smith

I didn’t set out to become a public speaker, although I did always love performance and the stage. Still, it was a significant shift from becoming comfortable with singing or dancing on stage to expressing my ideas before an audience. Even if you’ve never loved a crowd, however, improving your public speaking in Las Vegas can be a great way to help you achieve your goals and build your business in any sphere of life. Here are a few tips to help you become a better, more confident speaker:


  1. Practice, practice, practice!

Studies show that public speaking is one of the most widespread fears that people experience. Even people who are confident and polished in other circumstances are disturbed by the thought of speaking to an audience. On the path to becoming a successful motivational speaker in Las Vegas, one lesson was clear: practice makes perfect! With easy access to smartphones and video cameras, it’s easier than ever to record yourself speaking. You’ll grow more comfortable listening to yourself and evaluating your next steps.


  1. Check out the scene

When I go to deliver a talk as a motivational speaker in Las Vegas, I make sure to check out the physical environment before giving a speech. If I understand the layout of the room, the number of people that will be there and the seating style, I can adjust my style to connect with and engage the most significant number of people. A considerable hall might require a different approach than an intimate get-together. The same is valid for technology: if you are using a computer or presenting a slide deck, do a practice run. This way, you’ll be familiar with any new equipment before the presentation begins.


  1. Get ready for success

On the day of your speech, do what you need to do to get confident and ready. This might mean paying particular attention to your clothes, doing your hair, or preparing your makeup. Many people feel more confident speaking before a crowd when they look and feel their best. Maybe it means spending time listening to your favorite music or taking some space to exercise. Do the things that can help your confidence spike before you head for the stage.

When you speak about what you know and what you love, your energy, enthusiasm, and passion can transmit itself to your audience. When you are expressing yourself about a cause you truly believe in, your public speaking in Las Vegas can transcend your fear in the interests of something that matters deeply to you. When you are confident in your knowledge and your perspective, you can also become more confident in your presentation skills.

Public speaking is a vital skill for anyone who wants to make a change. Take it from me and my path from caring mother to motivational speaker: you have the capacity inside you to develop this skill and express yourself to the world.


About Linda Smith

Linda Smith is a fearless and tenacious non-profit fundraiser, author and motivational speaker. She is a survivor of child abuse, a philanthropist who has raised over one billion dollars for charity, and a disability advocate inspired by her son, Christopher, who was born with Down syndrome. Her incredible journey and brave heart will be detailed in her upcoming book, Unwanted.

Contact [email protected] to connect with Linda for information regarding speaking opportunities, disability resources and Las Vegas fundraising efforts.