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As a young girl growing up in poverty and abuse, Linda Smith faced insurmountable challenges that would have left most people broken and defeated. During her troubled youth she was pressed to find her voice and become a self-advocate, or lose her voice and become a victim. As a new mother the world told her yet again to “give up,” as her baby boy was born with Down syndrome and a disclaimer and expiration date. It was said, “Your son will be a burden. He won’t live long. Give him up to an institution and move on!”  Since that time, Linda Smith has made it her life’s mission to be a champion for all people with disabilities.

Linda Smith is mother, wife, philanthropist, author, fundraiser, public speaker, disability advocate, and storyteller.  Learn about Linda’s Life now.


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The Linda’s Life blog is a great information source for following Linda along her travels, news about her work and learning expert advice on advocacy, writing, fundraising and more.

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The Linda’s Life blog keeps up with Linda Smith and her travels.  It will also provide news about Linda and her work.



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“The first thing you learn when meeting Linda Smith is that “no” is not an option…and “yes” is not enough.”

Steve Wynn, Hotel CEO / Las Vegas Strip Pioneer

I met this amazing women yesterday! An icon in Las Vegas. LINDA SMITH created Opportunity Village!! She is a fundraising genius.  She turned ridicule  and denial into purpose and empowerment. Here is a link to her book telling her fascinating story… she is humble, but her impact is profound in the special needs world. I felt so privileged to meet her yesterday!

Sue Rodrigues, BNI Las Vegas

“What Linda has done for our community, and on a larger scale, the community of those living with intellectual disabilities, is just astonishing. I am not a religious man, but this woman should be sainted.”

Penn Jillette, Penn & Teller

“Linda is one of the most extraordinary development leaders in the US. Her stories about how non-profits and their boards can connect with funders, all while making the process enjoyable, are unlike any you’ll hear. I highly recommend her to speak and engage with any group who wants to strengthen their non-profit, their board and/or their fundraising process. She puts the fun in fundraising!”

Julie Murray, CEO, Moonridge Group Philanthropy Partners

“Linda is to Las Vegas as Dorothy is to the Tin Man, the Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion.”

Wayne Newton, Las Vegas Legend

“The parent group at Opportunity Village; “Family and Friends” have always been behind you, admired and most of al are indebted to you for giving us a place our loved ones with Developmental disabilities can come each day. You have built a foundation like no other in the world that compares to what you have accomplished and given to folks that are most understood and unwanted like the title to your new Book. I wish you Much Good Luck to all of your endeavors and know that you are one in a million that managed to accomplished as much as you did in this life, Thank you a million Times. My Son David is going on his 21st year at Opportunity Village and still wants to come each day.”

Pat and David Fernandez

“What Linda has done for our community, and on a larger scale, the community of those living with intellectual disabilities, is just astonishing. I am not a religious man, but this woman should be sainted.”

Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller

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