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“Smith’s well-written, moving, and energetic description of the social injustices, lack of understanding, and physical and emotional demands of raising Christopher are eye-opening, offering a realistic portrait of the world of the disabled in the ‘70s and beyond. Her tenacity is infectious. People seeking to learn more about self-advocacy, nonprofits, and fundraising—or simply share in Christopher’s stirring story— will find inspiration in this powerful book.” Read the full review here.

Unwanted”: How a Mother Learned to Turn Shame, Grief and Fear into Purpose, Passion and Empowerment, chronicles my life as the survivor of childhood abuse and mother of a disabled child who became a fundraising icon and relentless advocate for people with disabilities. All proceeds from this book will benefit The Christopher Smith Foundation, an organization my family and I founded to support family members of children with disabilities and those within the professional caregiving field who care for vulnerable citizens.

“Unwanted, is a heart-rending story of a woman’s pursuit of acceptance for her disabled son. Linda Smith has a rare blend of talents, all on display in this must-read book of innocence lost, then reclaimed, and soon after pounded into submission.”  —Wayne Newton, Entertainer, Mr. Las Vegas

“Linda Smith, the angel of Opportunity Village, has written a remarkable life story filled with triumph and heartache. But at its essence, this is a story of a mother’s love for a son named Christopher born with Down syndrome at a time of great misunderstanding and misinformation. Their relationship is a reminder that love does indeed conquer all.”  —John L Smith, Author, winner of the Silver Pen Award.

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