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I’ve always loved the holidays. They are a tremendous time to bring people together and celebrate the blessings that make our lives sweet or joyous. The magical atmosphere of the holiday season also reminds us of the importance of giving back. Before I became known as Linda Smith author, I developed the Magical Forest for Opportunity Village as a place where everyone in Las Vegas could come together to celebrate everything that makes the holidays special and give back to others at the same time.

There are so many great ways to contribute to others and celebrate the joys of Christmas and the holiday season. Here are a few ways that you can get involved in Las Vegas:

1. Contribute to Toys for Tots

It’s a classic holiday charity for a reason. Every child wants to wake up and see that Santa has not forgotten them, and no child should be excluded from the joys of the holiday season. You can pick out a new toy and donate it to Toys for Tots, providing a great gift for a needy child, and helping your kids feel great about helping others.

2. Show Your Thanks

All of our lives are immeasurably enhanced by all of those around us. As a motivational speaker Las Vegas, I deal with so many people every day who make my life better because of their often-unappreciated work. Give homemade treats or small items to your postal carrier or someone else that provides an unseen service in your life.

3. Clean Up and Donate

The holiday season is a great time to clean up, especially with the holiday parties you’ll be hosting and the influx of presents that may be arriving. It’s also a great time to go through items with your kids and put good toys, books, and clothes away for donating. Give those items to charity or a local thrift shop.

4. Give the Gift of Your Time

If you have neighbors and friends with small children, one of the best gifts that you can give is your time. Volunteer to babysit, have kids’ friends over, or even host a niece or nephew for an overnight. Give parents some extra time to spend together and even complete their own holiday plans.

5. Donate a Book

Toys for Tots is one great program for needy kids, and First Book is another. When you donate to First Book, the program provides new books for kids in need. Many children love books, and bedtime stories are an important part of many families’ lives.

6. Share the Love With Neighbors

Do you love to bake? Gather your kids and make some batches of brownies, cookies, or candies and prepare to deliver them to your neighbors. You may want to pay special attention to people who have mobility issues, can’t often leave the house, or live alone as elders. A cheerful visit can warm hearts everywhere.

7. Honor a Caregiver Through the Christopher Smith Foundation

The Christopher Smith Foundation is a non-profit started by Linda Smith in honor of her son Christopher and the incredible caregiving community that support and embrace some of our most vulnerable citizens. Learn more about donating to the Christopher Smith Foundation here.

There are so many things you can do to make the holiday season come alive with the spirit of giving. Share the magic right here in Las Vegas this year.