Today, March 21st is #WorldDownSyndromeDay, and for the past 21 days I’ve been posting on my social media (@livelindaslife) to celebrate my son’s extra special 21 chromosome. Christopher is my inspiration, my joy and I love him more than words can say. I want to share this with you in hopes you’ll enjoy the 21 ways my Christopher is extra awesome!

1. My son amazes us each day with his unconditional and limitless love!


2. I’m proud of my son because he inspired a movement of love and support for the disability community.


3. When the doctors instructed us to “forget about him and have another.” I made it my mission to change this stigma for good!


4. It’s such a joy to love this boy—my gift…my son!


5. I love my son because his pure heart is the essence of who he is.


6. He calls me Ninya and sometimes Mom; his other spoken words are Cake and No! That’s it, except for the occasional, Awww shit!


Rocking The 21st Chromosome |

7. Chris would never understand the value of the paycheck he receives every two weeks at Opportunity Village—a paycheck he loves to shred after waving it proudly in the air.


8. He provided daily lessons in compassion for his brother Jason, a perspective that can only be gleaned firsthand. If you didn’t accept Chris, you could not be Jason’s friend. Those were Jason’s house rules.


9. Christopher overcomes daily health challenges that would bring most men to their knees, yet through it all, he gives unending love, asking nothing in return.


10. When competing in Special Olympics, he is the first out of the gate and the last to triumphantly cross the finish line. He shows us all what winning truly means.


11. My son makes us all laugh when he gets excited about his favorite food, “CAKE! CAKE! CAKE!”


12. He possesses an infinite capacity to love freely and wholeheartedly, without inhibition. This is love, true love, in its purest form.


13. I often look back and see how my journey with my special boy has enriched me in ways I would never have believed, and I am eternally grateful for a life that at first I would have done anything to avoid.


14. Chris loves his brother Jason, his protector and hero. We are all better people for having a family member who doesn’t fit into society’s norms.


15. I love my son because his extra chromosome brings extra love!


16. At just eight years old my beautiful Christopher saved a toddler from drowning. He was a hero and didn’t know it, but he will be his mom’s hero forever.


17. Living with a special needs family member means you won’t lead a conventional life, but therein lies the beauty of it all. Who wants to live an ordinary life?


18. My son brings us joy because he shows us a world that’s both kinder and gentler.


My Christopher drives his little red go-cart in circles in our driveway every weekend. He is the king of the road and makes us laugh when he kicks the tires at hour three.


20. Christopher’s birth inspired me to raise half a billion dollars for disability causes worldwide, including the Magical Forest which brings holiday delight to thousands each year.Rocking The 21st Chromosome |


21. I’m grateful and honored to be my son’s protector, guardian, advocate, and champion. The journey we traveled together impacted the lives of many. This is Christopher’s legacy…he made the world a better place.


Thank you Christopher for choosing me to be your mom :)