Acts of generosity can take many forms, but love is always at the core.

I have devoted much of my adult life in service to others, and it didn’t happen because I was born with a charitable heart. Instead, it was a little baby boy, born with complex needs, that brought out the best in me.

As a charity leader, I have been blessed to help foster a happier and healthier world by improving others’ quality of life. I am grateful every day that my sweet son Christopher was given to me to look after. He taught me unconditional love and generosity of heart.

No matter what is happening in our country right now, there is no doubt we are all trying to make our nation a better place. In many parts of the world, others are not so fortunate. It’s a privilege to be an American, and we must stop for a minute and give thanks that we live in the greatest, most loving, and generous country of them all.

Have you helped a stranger or someone you didn’t know who needed help? Donated money to charity or volunteered time to an organization? I am sure you have because statistics prove that 96% of all Americans give to charity in some form. The tradition of private generosity in America has always been central to our free society.

Donating is a selfless act. When we give back to those in need, it helps us achieve a greater sense of personal satisfaction and growth; in a nutshell, it feels good to help others. When I hear the word charity, I immediately think of the many role models in my life, Kitty, Winnie, Debbie, and so many more. Supporting charity isn’t just about money or fundraising campaigns. Charity, to me, means to freely give of one’s self for the good of another.

So, the next time you see a neighbor in need, offer assistance, give the check-out staff or grocery bagger a smile, and round up your bill for them. Hand your spare change to the street beggar instead of looking away; you can’t know his life circumstance. I believe in you, my friends. I know your generous heart can help the greater good of humanity and positively impact more people reaching further than you may ever comprehend your kindness can reach.

It’s easy to give and to impart love. Give it now. Give it every day. It feels good to give.