UNWANTED (Hardback)

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UNWANTED Hardback Cover by Linda Smith.

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    Todd Farino

    I loved the book. Linda’s story struck right into my home here in Las Vegas. I’ve scene the work she has done in our city with Opportunity Village, but to get the full story was just incredible. A must read!

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    Michelle Farino

    Linda is truly an amazing woman and philanthropist. Her story is nothing less than amazing as well! I enjoyed every minute of this beautiful story and reading about the journey of Linda and Christopher.

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    Joanne Popowick (verified owner)

    I have to say “I cried, laugh, smiled and was lost “in Linda’s story How it all began for her was so sad,To read how she had Chris was so shocking that a Doctor would tell Parents “he won’t live ” was just heart breaking but Chris fooled them and surpassed what Doctors said, Chris always Touched my heart but he touched my heart more, when I read about him saving a child in teh pool, or his few words he could say and how Linda became what she is today ‘A strong woman who wouldn’t take No for an answer” to read about how the Concert of Love was started to reading about the early years to now, This book was so worth me buying and I hope Linda writes more. I have been to opportunity village many time to the Forrest and to show support and I must say what Linda did for this place to help Disabled young men and women is so special .
    Thank You Linda for a wonderful bookk

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    Gina Yager

    This inspirational story will have you flipping the pages, unable to put it down!! Linda’s memoir is a powerful journey of self-discovery, triumph and love, unforgettable moments and heartfelt courage. I normally read fiction, but this true story is so much better than make-believe – it would be impossible to invent such an amazing story of perseverance!

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    Mallory Zito

    This is an amazing story of a mother’s journey and how she persevered through obstacles, while advocating for her son with Down syndrome. She courageously faced the difficulties that life presented and came out on the other side as a fundraising icon who has made a profound impact for people with disabilities and their families. It’s an inspiring story showcasing what love, passion and determination can do.

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    I enjoyed reading Linda’s book. She is an amazing person and an amazing storyteller. I highly recommend this book, I could not put it down!

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