What A Journey This Little Guy Sent Me On

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Disability | Linda Smith - Lindaslife.com


  I have been thinking a lot about this word of late. Having recently returned from joyous occasions across the country, communing with disability organizations that […]

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Injustice | Bill Walters - Linda Smith | LindasLife.com


IN-JUS-TICE noun lack of fairness   My friend Bill Walters is in prison and I am sad. Bill Walters is presently in a bad place, but […]

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Three weeks in New Zealand and a few reflections | Linda Smith, lindaslife.com

Three weeks in New Zealand and a few reflections

🙃 Driving: Twice around the roundabout in my rental car, windshield wipers flapping instead of the turn signal, right or left, left or right, just three […]

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Rocking The Extra 21st Chromosome

  Today, March 21st is #WorldDownSyndromeDay, and for the past 21 days I’ve been posting on my social media (@livelindaslife) to celebrate my son’s extra special […]

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LOVING Christopher Smith

Loving Christopher Smith

A love letter to Christopher, my special son… I love you to the moon and back. You mean more to me than the air that I […]

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A Magical Night at the Magical Forest - Linda Smith

A Magical Night at the Magical Forest

Last Friday night I was proud to take part in the unveiling of a plaque to honor my son Christopher at the Magical Forest. Christopher was […]

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Sonny - Angel Caregivers - Linda Smith

Angel Caregivers…A Love-Letter of Gratitude

When we think of angels we think of lovely beings, ethereal spiritual emissaries, messengers, between God and men. When I think of angels, I think of […]

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Christopher's Red Cart - Linda Smith

Christopher’s Red Cart

The end of the Las Vegas summer, combined with crisp Southern Nevada air, means another spectacular day is in store for Christopher. Today my boy will […]

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